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Automotive Press Tool Design

The Course offers training and education for the Automotive Press Tool Design. .
The sheet metal stamping process is a very fast and precise manufacturing process. But what if, press tool is not working efficiently or it takes many more operations to produce stamped parts. So it is very important to design an economy friendly and time-saving press tools. That is why demand for press tool designers is very high.

Course Syllabus

Automotive Press Tool Design
Introduction to Sheet Metal Pressing Operations
Cutting Operations
Non- Cutting / Forming Operations
Draw/Deep Draw Operation
Types of Presses
Strip Layout - Types, Design & Selection
Types of Press Tool
Design of a Simple Blanking Tool
Press Tool Design Elements/ Nomenclature
Force / Load Calculations for Operations
Tool Design Case Study - Progressive Tool
Process/ Operations Selection for Sheet Metal Parts
Sheet Metal Formability Analysis
Sheet Metal DFM & DFA
Design for Manufacturability & Assembly
Design and Construction Of Panel Checker
Inspection Method
3-2-1 Principle Concept and GD And T
Cad Practice and Project Completion Guidance
Interview Preparation and Guidance