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Automotive Plastic Mould Design

The Mold Design Series familiarizes participants with the different types of injection molds, contemporary machining methods, and many of the available mold components. This course also provides the participant with a tool design methodology and a sample mold specification guide for reference. The topics covered in this course cover the functions of injection molds, part design considerations, material considerations, molding machine considerations, and initial mold design. This knowledge is very valuable for most mechanical designers, especially designers of molds, embossing dies, nests, and welding/checking fixtures. You will also learn to use analysis tools for developing optimal parting lines, troubleshooting draft and undercut issues, plus importing and repairing third party geometry. CONTACT US Enquiry Form Hey! We’re glad that you have something to ask or comment for us. We would love to help you. So do not wait for a second and drop us an email using form below. Also note that we do not share your personal details to anyone so don’t worry you’re in safe hands.

Course Syllabus

Introduction on molds, basic construction of molds
Parts of a mold, shrinkage factor
Feed system i& calculation
Types of gates, gate & runner balancing
Parting lines, parting surfaces
Core & cavity design, sub inserts, side cores
Angular. Lifters and actuation, mold venting
Ejection, ejection force
Types of ejector plate assembly, types of ejectors
Sprue pullers calculation of support pillars
Mold temperature control system
Mold heating v/s mold cooling
Elements of mold heating system
Elements of mold coollng system
Types of molds, machine selection
Standard mold parts
Mold assembly process
Mold validation process
Cad practice and project guidance
Interview Preparation and Guidance